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The Parking System Should Be Obeyed and Enforced

Parker Dunaway ’15, Editor in Chief

This editorial may garner some animosity from everyone on campus, but I think it is a prudent observation and request. There seems to be a problem on campus with our parking system, in terms of how it is utilized and how it is enforced. It has been my observation that students, staff, and faculty members alike have a tendency to ignore some of the parking policies on campus when convenient. Their (our) ignoring the regulations has led to the complaints. ‘Why do students park in between Maples and Winston? Don’t they know they aren’t supposed to?’ ‘Why can the administration park by the Commons in the space marked “T.H.C. only”? Don’t they know they aren’t supposed to?’ The grievances continue, seemingly forever. The grumbles and moans of our campus regarding who can and can’t park in certain areas are the result of two specific things: drivers’ purposeful ignoring of policies when it suits them and the failure of the police department to regularly and appropriately cite these improperly parked vehicles.

When everyone gets to school that first week in August, there is a plethora of those little orange envelops all over campus, on every illegally parked car. The problem is, from that point on, the ticketing only happens sporadically. Weeks will go by without seeing a citation, yet the amount of illegally parked cars remains the same. Then one day, the orange slips are back; as if they were the leaves of a tree in autumn, the tickets show up almost seasonally. Perhaps, if the police department more regularly ticketed cars that deserved it, the people that tend to park incorrectly would mend their ways.

It must be said, however, that the blame does not rest solely on the shoulders of our campus security. That student, who may have woken up late and decides to park in the post office spaces in front of Graham in order to quickly gain access to Morton Hall, or the staff members, who park near the loading dock to the Commons so that they have easy access, are just as responsible. I know that our campus is enormous, but the walk from wherever you are is far easier to deal with than the complaints from the entire campus and the ticket you should get.

It seems simple: those in charge of policing should police, and those charged with obeying policy should obey. I just think everyone should do what they are supposed to do—students, faculty, staff, and the police department.


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