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The Good Men Plan

Chris Williams-Morales

This year, the Hampden-Sydney College decided to enact a program a little different from the normal freshman orientation known as the Good Men Plan. When asked about the purpose of the program, Dean Ramsey said, “Through the Good Men Plan, we can begin to provide programming designed to help freshmen and sophomores through early challenges”. However, to say that this is a new approach to orientation would be untrue.

The Good Men Plan is more like an addition that helps underclassmen deal with the troubles of their first year of college. This program is an effort by the college to produce good men in the physical, mental, and emotional senses; it’s an attempt to help the underclass succeed.

This program was already in the works three years ago when trends showed orientation in the past years was harder for freshmen. Freshmen would take a series of sessions or seminars where information would be given, but it was too much information too fast. The Good Men Plan breaks that down though, scheduling occasional sessions at a time when all freshmen can attend. Student engagement is enhanced through speeches and sessions with educational value, a sense of community is created, and everyone’s values are involved. Another aspect that the program hoped to foster was achieved through bringing the freshman class together.

For those that do attend, they have the chance to win prizes like tickets to a Redskins game, or to the Colbert Report. The plan itself came from the mind of Dr. Howard, who had help from the people of the Office of Student Affair such as Dean Ramsey and Dr. Dale Jones from the Wilson Center. The Good Men Plan is to here to help this year’s freshmen and those that come after.


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