Local Eats: The Bakery


Damien Sharp ’15, Staff Writer

          For ten years, Philip Fenaux, a Belgian immigrant, has brought the atmosphere of a small European bakery to the town of Farmville. The Bakery, located on Main Street in Old Town Farmville, offers some of the freshest and most delicious food in town.

            Offering a light breakfast and a wide variety of lunch items, The Bakery is known for its unique and sophisticated menu. For breakfast they offer omelets made with local eggs, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a assortment of decadent pastries—ranging from rich chocolate croissants to classic cheese danishes.

            I can say with confidence that you will not find sandwiches like theirs anywhere else in the town of Farmville; their sandwiches go above and beyond the typical ham and cheese. The Bakery brings a twist to the typical sandwich shop menu, offering items from ham and Brie to smoked salmon with cream cheese, chopped onion, and capers. As well as a favorite among many, the fresh tomato and mozzarella sandwich is served with fresh basil, coarse sea salt, and vinaigrette. Each of their sandwiches is served on your choice of one of their homemade freshly baked breads

            Their cheese assortment is incomparable and partners well with their large selection of wines—domestic and imported. The Bakery offers wines from Argentina, Chile, France, German, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, and Spain; who knew you could become so vastly cultured ten minutes from campus? However, I am sure that the Hampden-Sydney men also reading this review could care less about their wide selection. For you gentlemen, The Bakery also offers an array of imported beer, so when you are ready to splurge beyond the classic Natural or Keystone Light, I suggest you indulge in the offerings at The Bakery.

            Entering into The Bakery is more than just walking into your typical restaurant. If the warm and inviting atmosphere is not enough to bring you in, the wafting aroma of freshly baked breads surely will. I am pleased to write that The Bakery is among one of my favorites in the town of Farmville. It offers something rare and unique in this town that ought to be appreciated as such. I highly recommend that you let your palate experience the great items The Bakery has to offer; it is a favorite among many and I am sure you will enjoy it too. With that said, until next time—cheers and happy eating. 


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