B-Room – Dr. Dog


David Williams ’14

3 stars


Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog’s seventh studio album is a new start for the band. Recorded at a new house and studio in their hometown of Philadelphia, this new album does not break the mold the band has built with their last two albums. Continuing to look back at the 60’s and 70’s surf and psychedelic bands, B-room sounds like the soundtrack to a 70’s movie. However, this album lets you down when compared to past albums, like We all Belong and Fate, by not producing a take away hit. There is simply no song on the album that you’ll remember and hum as you walk.

In losing the horns and branching out into the psychedelic, Dr. Dog has lost some of their soul. The older albums had a sense of reinventing the tired surf rock and British invasion-era pop that so heavily influenced the folk rock that the band used to create. There is nothing really new about B-room, and that’s truly the problem with the album. Instead of listening to Dr. Dog’s take on the Doors, it’s easier and more rewarding to listen to the source of inspiration. Dr. Dog lost their spark for creating and experimenting with old sounds, and in doing so, has lost the drive in their songs and produced an album that’s enjoyable to listen to, but not a memorable experience.


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