C Day: An Experience like No Other

September 10 was C-Day for Hampden-Sydney, a day on which students gathered with their peers and celebrated Honor, Service, and Commitment. Festivities began at 9 a.m. as seniors and faculty processed into Opening Convocation. Later, each class had a special speaker; after the speeches were over, the annual “Pig on the Point” lunch and club fair was held at Chalgrove Point. Finally, freshmen were sent out into the community to do service projects.

President Chris Howard, Reverend David Keck, Student Body President Justin Pugh, and Provost Dennis Stevens delivered speeches and presented awards at Convocation, while Ned Bowden’14 delivered the charge to new students.

Following Convocation, all classes went their separate ways to listen to speakers and alumni. Each speaker delivered a different, individualized message to his audience, and drove home the point of just how much he loved Hampden-Sydney. Juniors completed the ring and coin ceremony, while sophomores went through their pinning ritual. After the speeches, students, alumni, speakers, and faculty were all invited to a barbecue lunch at Chalgrove Point.

During Pig on the Point, the school’s clubs were also on display as part of a club fair. Dozens of organizations showed up to recruit members and spread the word about their association. Representatives were out in full force and new members were seemingly added by the minute.

Following Pig on the Point, freshmen performed service projects throughout the communities of Farmville and Hampden-Sydney. Some students cleaned up the Wilson Trail, others helped pick up trash on Highway 15, and still others volunteered at the Moton Museum, Prince Edward County Elementary School and other places throughout the area.

The freshmen service projects really tied the day together for new students, as they were able to see firsthand the community around H-SC. It also helped get H-SC’s name out in the community in a good way, as it’s not an everyday occurrence that students are working to better the town of Farmville and our local campus.

C-Day had a dismal attendance rate last year, but the issue seems to have been resolved via the implementation of the new ID card system. A vast majority of students showed up from each and every class despite the hot temperatures early in the day. School officials were very happy with the turnout, and while it could have been improved, it was a huge step forward from last year.

All in all, C-Day was a rousing success, especially when compared to last year’s events. There will always be room to grow, but this year had better attendance and got students more actively involved in the activities. The day truly showed both freshmen and other students, in President Howard’s words, “Who we are and what we do.”


Alex Abbott

Class of ‘17


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