Bo Burns Interview

Senior defender Bo Burns was named captain for the 2013 Hampden-Sydney soccer team due in large part to his leadership both on and off the field. I sat down with him to get a look into his goals for the team and himself as he enters his final season

1. What are your goals for the season both as an individual and as a team?

As a team, we haven’t made the ODAC playoffs in two years, so we’d like to get back into playoffs this year. But obviously, our goal is to win the conference championship, a goal that is very attainable for us this year. For me personally, I’d like to make All-Conference.

2. What game are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to playing against Lynchburg College. We have them at home this year under the lights (October 1st), and it should be a great atmosphere. It’s always a heated game when we play LC– we beat them bad last year– so it’d be great to pick up another W against them.

3. How exciting is the chance to play under the lights in front of the home fans?

Our team is very excited to be playing under the lights this year. We’re hoping the night games will bring out more fans and create an atmosphere that other teams will struggle to play in.

4. What has been your best on-field moment?

My freshmen year, we went to the ODAC finals, but the semi-final game that year was crazy vs.  Washington and Lee. Celebrating with the team after that win is something I’ll never forget.

5. Best moment off the field?

This past summer I studied in Valencia, Spain for May Term. It was an unforgettable experience that I really enjoyed.

6. Do you have a teammate you particularly enjoy playing alongside?

Fellow senior and co-captain Bryan Talbert. He’s really made a huge impact on our team this year with his fitness and level of play. He’s the engine of our team.

7. Why did you choose to come to Hampden-Sydney?

I chose H-SC because of the prestige that the school has in terms of academics, network of alumni, and brotherhood among students. In terms of soccer, having the chance to compete for a starting job as a freshman was an added bonus.

8. Do you have any pre-game superstitions?

I’m not a very superstitious person, so the closest thing I can think of to be considered a pre-game superstition would be that I lather up IcyHot on my legs before a game. The team usually can smell me from like a mile away.

9. Is there anyone on the team that you feel deserves more recognition for what they bring to the team?

Many players have stepped up their game this season, but freshman goalkeeper Cameron McFarlane has been an absolute beast in goal so far.


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