Tiger Exchange: The New Market On Hampden-Sydney Campus

Sydney Henriques ’15, Staff Writer

I am sure many of you have had the same thoughts as I have when the end of the semester has come near: “Man, I wish I could sell these text books for more money.” It’s true; it’s difficult to sell your books back to almost anywhere, in hopes of receiving any significant amount. Well now, there will be an outlet for these multitudes of textbooks: The Tiger Exchange.

This stellar new idea for the Tiger Exchange comes from the inspiration of junior, James Hughes. The Tiger Exchange will essentially be a Craigslist type of instrument; however, it will be run entirely through Tigerweb. Users will need their ID’s and passwords to log in, and from the main screen, there will be a link to “The Tiger Exchange,” under “Campus Announcements.”

By running the program through Tigerweb, it allows for safety in the context of having only Hampden-Sydney students posting and making offers on the exchange. Users must realize, however, that they are buying and selling at their own risk, and this means that the college is not responsible for misunderstandings.

Like Craigslist, there will be space to offer more than just books for sale. As of now, there are twelve categories available ranging from sporting equipment and apparel to furniture/appliances and bands—almost anything you can sell will have a category available. Tiger Exchange will also be open to accepting opinions and new ideas to advance the mission.

This new outlet stands as a convenient way for seniors graduating to sell their furniture, and a way for freshman to decorate their dorms. All around, it supports the idea of brotherhood, passing on one generation’s memories to another’s fresh start. While limited to those enrolled in the college, faculty members will have access as well, allowing an easy way to post student job opportunities and more.

One of the great pluses of Tiger Exchange will be the outreach that bands and musical performers can accomplish through our community at Hampden-Sydney. Music is a key part to our social lives and the campus, especially with the growth of the Music Interest Club this past semester. Tiger Exchange provides an excellent ways for bands to promote themselves. Fraternities and other organizations will now be able to find local talent quickly and easily.

When I spoke with James, he was very humble about the idea, claiming: “It’s for the students.” James explained that, “The point is you can sell anything.” No longer will we have to search online for textbooks, but we can reuse them in our own community, enhancing the well being of our community through mutually beneficial exchanges.

With this great new addition to our campus, it is necessary to thank Director of Marketing and Communications, Tommy Shomo, and Student Life Data Coordinator, Shirley Huskey, for all of their help in the process to launch James’s innovative idea for Tiger Exchange. This first week of October will be the launch week for Tiger Exchange. Look out, and get ready to post away.


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