Player Profile: A Fireside Chat with Chris Shembo

Ned Belliveau ’14, Sports Editor

Q: How important was the win over Coast Guard after the CNU game?

A: It was very important! After a tough loss like that, it’s important to have a big win like that, especially going into the bye week. And it was a fun trip. An educational trip.

Q: How is the foot feeling?

A: It’s feeling good. I’ll be back for Catholic the doctor says.

Q: Why did you choose Hampden-Sydney?

A: Because when I came and visited, I fell in love with the campus and so did my mom and the whole family, and I figured it was best for what I was trying to do. I could focus primarily on academics while also playing the sport I love, and it wasn’t too far from home. Some people say four hours is far, but I don’t think it’s far.

Q: What has been your best on-field moment?

A: Probably my first touchdown. The first touchdown is always a good feeling, especially since it was against Averett. It was my welcome to college football moment my freshman year. The guy hit me right after my spin move right under my helmet and pushed my teeth through my lip and back. I was gushing blood everywhere, so it felt nice to score against them.

Q: Off the field?

A: Joining a fraternity, PiKA; it was big. I had hopes of doing that coming in here, so when I heard they were coming back on campus, I decided to do that. And it’s cool to say that you were one of the founding brothers of a fraternity, especially with the campus having so much history with that fraternity.

Q: Is there anyone on the team that you feel deserves more recognition than they get?

A: I’d say Mitch Perrara, the other running back. I’d also say Brady, but he’s got some fame now after the four touchdown game. Also, the O-line men, Will Ferrell is on the cover and all that stuff, but the other four guys deserve love too. I love my O-line. The O-line doesn’t get enough credit in football.

Q: What are your goals for the year as an individual?

A: Right now, my main goal is to just get back on the field, try and keep this toe as close to 100% as I can for the rest of the season, try not to re-aggravate it too badly. I’m not going to think about the toe too much. Every running back’s goal is an average of five yards per rush, so I’m going to try to get to that.

Q: As a team?

A: Win the ODAC and try to make it deep into the playoffs.

Q: What game does the team have circled on the calendar so to speak?

A: All of them. Of course Randolph-Macon and W&L are our big games, but we go week-by-week of course.

Q: Any pre-game superstitions?

A: I always listen to certain songs, “Nuck if you Buck” by Crime Mob, “WE be Steady Mobbin’” by, Rough Riders Anthem by DMX. Draw crosses on my wrists taped up, I get taped up by the same person. I always have to go out on the field and run around before.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between college and high school football?

A: The pace. Definitely the pace, the condition you got to be in, especially with Marty’s offense. Marty runs a no-huddle, and you have to be well-conditioned to play in that.

Q: Who wins the Super Bowl this year?

A: Panthers all day! Carolina Panthers till I die. Don’t let the 1-2 fool you.


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