MGMT’s new self-titled album continues right on the heels of the album that redefined the art-rock genre. After 5 years, the sound is still a unique mix of hi-fi and lo-fi recording mixed with the rampant introspection that propels each new listen and uncovers something different each time. MGMT has more of the chant like songs that wrapped up Oracular Spectacular and mixes in new hits. Another deep look into childhood transitions to a nihilistic overview of aging and a journey to rediscover the meaning in life. This album is a major comeback from the notorious sophomore slump Congratulations. While critically acclaimed the album just did not land with fans, but MGMT hits in all the right places that were just missed in the last try.

The album starts rather slowly with “Alien Days” show casing the heavy beats that will drive each song and mark your trek through MGMT’s proverbial wonderland. The album eventually gives way to always cheerful, synthesizer-filled, bubble-gum pop that sweeps you away to where MGMT looks to channel “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out.” Ultimately, this album is fractured in much the same way Oracular Spectacular was. The songs move in and out of different genres and sometimes the order clashes in the transition. Overall, MGMT has succeeded in combining the styles of past albums creating a driving paradigm for future music.



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