Local Eats: Merk’s Place

Damien Sharp ’15

Bad mamajama food critic for the Tiger

Many of us know that nothing beats grandma’s home cooking, but Merk’s Place of Farmville offers a solution to that during our time on “The Hill.” Located on West Third Street, Merk’s has become a staple in the Farmville dining scene.

Offering more than the generic restaurant meal, Merk’s serves up traditional southern plates ranging from downhome chicken and dumplings to country fried chicken smothered in gravy. Its customary sides properly accompany each of these entrees; all of them guaranteed to stick to your ribs like grandma’s Sunday dinner.

Their menu is probably one of the most unique you will find in the town of Farmville, as it is extensive and offers a wide variety of options catering to any palate. My only complaint as a man that loves food is that is it often difficult to settle on the meal I want with such an extensive menu.

Though on Friday’s this is hardly a problem, as Merk’s holds it’s weekly marinated prime rib dinner that is sure to please many. The fourteen-ounce prime rib is grilled to perfection and served alongside a baked potato and freshly baked bread.

Your meal is not complete without indulging in one of their many desserts. Their milkshakes are handspun the old-fashioned way and their pie and cakes are made by some of the best pastry chefs in Farmville, as far as I can see.

Though the Merk’s lunch and dinner menu is exceptional, I will say that there in nothing better than a hot Merk’s breakfast on a brisk fall morning. My personal favorite is the Merk’s Big Breakfast. This breakfast dishes out a delicious stack of pancakes, of which I had topped with sweet baked apples, fresh eggs, your choice of succulent bacon or sausage, with a side of home-style grits or southern fried potatoes. The endless hot coffee makes a perfect partner to this delectable breakfast.

Merk’s also adds a twist on the typical breakfast dining experience. Reigning as a favorite among many Merk’s diners is the Merk’s breakfast pizza. This iconic dish begins with a soft pizza crust and cheese and is then crowned with your choice of toppings such as bacon, ham, eggs, or sausage to name a few. Though it is not the traditional breakfast of champions, what could start your day of any better than beginning it with a breakfast pizza?

I am proud to say that Merk’s Place is truly an asset to the Farmville dining experience, as it has something for everybody who enters its doors. Take a bite out of the local scene, and mosey on down to Merk’s Place. Remember, good food is local food. Until next time, cheers and happy eating.


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