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Tigers Take Second Place in H-SC Invitational

golf losers

It was a homecoming of sorts for the H-SC golf team, as the Tigers were able to take second place in the Hampden-Sydney Invitational. The contest was hosted by the Manor Country Club in Farmville.

Hampden-Sydney shot 35 over par during the two-day event. Four juniors led the group of Tigers in the competition. Brian Burt shot an even par to set the pace for the Tiger contingent, scoring a 70 on the first day and a 74 in the second round.  The good showing earned him second place individually. Drew Arnold shot seven over par to place seventh, posting rounds of 76 and 75, while Trey Cully shot a 76 and 77 to finish in a tie for 11th. George Whiting took 21st place with scores of 85 and 78.

Freshman Alex Simmons (85, 80) finished 25th, while senior Rick O’Connell, playing as an individual participant placed third overall at three over par, with scores of 71 and 76.

Ferrum College shot seven over par collectively to take home the win. They were led by Scott Obenshain, who finished five under par (69, 70) to take home medalist honors. Bridgewater College rounded out the top three, posting a team score of 47 over par.

The Hampden-Sydney golf team’s next competition will be the VSGA State Collegiate at the Winchester Country Club, taking place on October 13th and 14th.



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GTA V –Good luck following the Honor Code

GTA V pic

5 out 5

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the most well-known video games ever made for its open world, stellar storytelling, and the usual controversy over the violence in the game.  Personally, I have only played GTA IV in the past and I didn’t like the game at all.  For that reason I was not very excited about the new installment in the series, then I finally got my hands on it.  The first thing I noticed was the graphics, and seriously the game could just be me walking around the city doing nothing and I would be satisfied, the game looks absolutely amazing.  The map of Los Santos is huge, and a bit of depth is added to it with the additions of scuba diving and sky diving.  The story is great as it follows three different protagonist; a former robber adjusting to family life, a young man trying to stay out of a life of crime, and my personal favorite a meth dealer who is a bit insane.  The only fault I can find in the game is the boring and repetitive side missions (seriously how many times do I have to drive a tow truck and tow a car from Location A to Location B), though the heists that they lead to are definitely worth it.  There is a multiplayer feature that they have not as of yet implemented, but if it’s anything like the single-player it will be fantastic.  Overall the game is definitely worth picking up.

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Code of Conduct Cases – Tiger Fall 2013 – Week 3-5

9/9            A student was sanctioned for a DUI, UPA, and a vehicular infraction.  His sanctions: DP for two semesters, AP for one semester, a $100 fine, 15 hours of community service, and loss of motor vehicle privileges.

9/12            A student was sanctioned for underage drinking and alcohol poisoning.  His sanctions: AP for one semester, health and wellness education, and a Wellness Center consultation.

9/12            A student was sanctioned for possession of marijuana.  His sanctions: DP for one semester, a Wellness Center consultation, and 10 hours of community service.

9/17            Two students were sanctioned for possession of marijuana.  Their sanctions: DP for one semester, a Wellness Center consultation, and 10 hours of community service.

9/24            A student was sanctioned for being intoxicated in public.  His sanctions:  Reprimand for two semesters and 10 hours of community service

9/26            A student was sanctioned for underage possession of alcohol and a traffic violation.  His sanctions:  Reprimand for two semesters and 15 hours of community service.

Reprimand: A written censure indicating the likelihood of more severe disciplinary action in the event further infractions occur within a specified period.

AP – Alcohol Probation:  A specified period during which a student may neither possess nor consume alcohol on campus, nor may he return to campus after having consumed alcohol.

DP – Disciplinary Probation: A specified period during which a student’s conduct will be closely scrutinized. Certain privileges may be suspended. Violation of the terms of the probation or of the Code is likely to result in suspension or expulsion from the College.

UPA – Underage Possession of Alcohol.

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The Good Men Plan

Chris Williams-Morales

This year, the Hampden-Sydney College decided to enact a program a little different from the normal freshman orientation known as the Good Men Plan. When asked about the purpose of the program, Dean Ramsey said, “Through the Good Men Plan, we can begin to provide programming designed to help freshmen and sophomores through early challenges”. However, to say that this is a new approach to orientation would be untrue.

The Good Men Plan is more like an addition that helps underclassmen deal with the troubles of their first year of college. This program is an effort by the college to produce good men in the physical, mental, and emotional senses; it’s an attempt to help the underclass succeed.

This program was already in the works three years ago when trends showed orientation in the past years was harder for freshmen. Freshmen would take a series of sessions or seminars where information would be given, but it was too much information too fast. The Good Men Plan breaks that down though, scheduling occasional sessions at a time when all freshmen can attend. Student engagement is enhanced through speeches and sessions with educational value, a sense of community is created, and everyone’s values are involved. Another aspect that the program hoped to foster was achieved through bringing the freshman class together.

For those that do attend, they have the chance to win prizes like tickets to a Redskins game, or to the Colbert Report. The plan itself came from the mind of Dr. Howard, who had help from the people of the Office of Student Affair such as Dean Ramsey and Dr. Dale Jones from the Wilson Center. The Good Men Plan is to here to help this year’s freshmen and those that come after.

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First in War

Nate Sterling ’14, Staff Writer

The Hampden-Sydney Boys were first to start drilling for the Civil War and the first to engage in a cross-fire shooting against enemy Confederates on July 11th of 1831. Retired chaplain of Hampden-Sydney College, Reverend William Thompson, has recently published his book titled First in War: The Hampden-Sydney Boys—signed editions are available in the Bookstore. Rev. Thompson is more than capable to write this historical account. He has an impressive repertoire of other historical accounts already published: Bad Friday: The Yankees Come to Hampden-Sydney and Her Walls before Thee Stand. Using the diaries of some of the Hampden-Sydney Boys and some of the newspapers, magazines, and obituaries of the time, Thompson has put together a narrative which unravels the thrilling tale about a handful of boys fighting in a war. This book is the first of its kind, looking specifically at the historical account of the Hampden-Sydney Boys, which consisted of Hampden-Sydney students, farmer-boys, and seminary school students, who all united together to ensure their fear of a “slave uprising,” as Rev. Thompson says, would be overcome. They began their training behind the cemetery, but were soon spooked to a new location fearing the symbolism lying beneath the gravestones. A total of ninety-six Hampden-Sydney Boys practiced marching together; the times for the scheduled marching were set for four o’clock: after classes. This was done to minimize the interference with their studies. Soon they were marching off into a real battle with Confederates. They carried their ten pound rifles with them along with food supplies and such as they headed northwest into Ohio (what’s now known as West Virginia). At each site encampment, the boys had to sleep outside, alack any tents, and thus susceptible to the weather. Rev. Thompson commented on the food situation; given their military training, I was surprised to find that many of “these boys had never cooked a day in their lives.” Rev. Thompson further explained that one such Hampden-Sydney Boy tried to cook chicken, but burned the outside while the inside stayed raw; this simple mistake resulted in diarrhea. Slaves were brought to make up for the ignorance in cooking matters. Along with the exciting story detailing the events surrounding the Hampden-Sydney Boys departure, there is a brief biography of the different Hampden-Sydney Boys. This section examines what exactly happened to these boys after the Civil War. This book accomplishes what it sets out to do and magnificently ties together the different events of such a radical and significant event in Hampden-Sydney’s history into a coherent narrative. Whether you’re a history buff or a Hampden-Sydney school affiliate, this book is for you to enjoy just prior to your long winter’s nap. Rev. Thompson also explained to me his current endeavor to write an informative account on the fourth passage in Cushing—coming soon!

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Pure Heroine: Lorde


David Williams ’14

Lorde is the newest foreign pop star to burst onto the American scene. The huge hype for this 16-year-old singer-songwriter has been enormous, with one single debuting at number one on the Billboard charts in the US. Pure Heroine is a study in constant sound that emphasizes the few seconds of silence that occur in the album. The album is an ode to the anxiety of the transitions of teenage life and growing up to the responsibilities of life. However, this isn’t through a heavily auto-tuned voice with a guitar back tracking. Instead, this is the pure beat of a base drum and simple toms accompanied by the amazingly mature voice laid over. This simplistic formula is when Lorde is at her best, left to bring out her passion for the music in the tones of her voice and the versatility that she brings to the different tracks of the album.

The lust for the rich lifestyle of hip-hop and pop is broken down by the perspective of a teenager viewing the lifestyle from outside of the inner-city where it originated. The luxury of the lifestyle is rejected in the track “Royals”, while “Glory and Gore” embraces rap and the competitive and battling culture that it’s created between rappers. Ultimately, “Pure Heroine” is a deep examination of the experience of a teenager growing up and dealing with the explosion of fame, but it delivers in a way that hits at the heart (through the veins) and is more than pleasant on the ears.

5 Stars

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Tiger Football Begins ODAC Slate


football color

Ellis Hopson ’16, Sports Writer

It’s been a successful October for the Tigers as the ODAC schedule has gotten underway. Hampden-Sydney began the climb up the ODAC mountain with three straight wins over Catholic, Bridgewater, and Emory & Henry.

On October 5th, H-SC began ODAC play against Catholic inside Everett Stadium. The Tiger offense rolled over Catholic’s top-ranked scoring defense in the ODAC. A 39-27 win improved the Tigers to 3-1 on the year.

Junior quarterback Nash Nance gave a strong showing, going 24 of 43 for 294 yards and two touchdown passes. He also rushed for 63 yards and 18 carries with scores on the ground. Junior running back Brady Macko led the Tigers in rushing, carrying the ball 27 times for 175 yards and a touchdown. Junior receiver Holton Walker continued to be a key in the passing game, hauling in six catches for 108 yards and two scores.

On defense, the Tigers held Catholic to 304 yards of total offense. Linebacker Tyler Ikwild and safety John Moore led the way, each contributing seven tackles. Turnovers were key to Hampden-Sydney’s success, as linebacker Josh Doggett, cornerback Michael Marquez, and cornerback Zach Morgan each recorded an interception.

On October 12th, Hampden-Sydney continued ODAC play at home against Bridgewater. It was a balanced 28-7 win for the Tigers, as the offense racked up 333 yards of offense, while the defense was stingy in allowing only 292 yards from the Eagles.

Quarterback Nash Nance went 14 of 24 for 192 yards and one touchdown pass. He completed his aerial game with 15 carries for a game-high 78 rushing yards. Receiver Holton Walker was responsible for 112 of the 192 passing yards. Running back Brady Macko carried the ball ten times for 43 yards and a touchdown.

The Tiger defense was stout, only allowing Bridgewater to convert of 5 of 18 third downs. Safety Shreve Rohle, along with linebackers Josh Doggett and Robert Stack, each recorded ten tackles. Fellow linebacker Tyler Ikwild racked up seven tackles, while safety Charlie Shoemaker made six tackles and intercepted a pass.

On October 19th, Hampden-Sydney hit the road for a trip to Emory & Henry. Tigers history was made in a 33-12 win over the Wasps, as fourteenth year head coach Marty Favret became the second head coach in Hampden-Sydney history to win 100 games. The win improved Favret’s career mark to 100-40, and an ODAC record of 60-22.

For the first three quarters, the game was a close contest. However, in the fourth quarter the defense stiffened and the Tiger offense was able pull away from the Wasps. Nash Nance went 21 of 32 for 225 yards, three touchdown passes, and one interception. Junior tight end Joey Druhan had a standout game, hauling in four passes for 79 yards and a touchdown. Junior receiver Holton Walker continued a stellar season, catching six passes for 55 yards and a score.

On the other side of the ball, safety Shreve Rohle once again led the Tigers in tackles with ten. Linebackers Robert Stack and Tyler Ikwild recorded nine and eight stops respectively. Lineback Josh Doggett and safety John Moore had seven stops. In the running game, Brady Macko combined with senior Chris Shembo for 115 yards on 17 carries, with Shembo scoring twice.

On October 26th, Hampden-Sydney returns to Everett Stadium for the homecoming game. They will face their fourth consecutive ODAC opponent in the Shenandoah Hornets. The Tigers will be expecting a plethora of fans, family, and friends. Kickoff for the contest is set for 1 P.M.

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