Tiger Football Preview: 2013 Season


                  After a long summer of internships, summer courses and down-right pure healthy shenanigans, that time we have all awaited, has arrived.  Tiger football, day-long tailgates and beautiful women are in the future, and we as Hampden-Sydney men must prepare for such great things accordingly.  Our Hampden-Sydney Tigers finished last season with an overall record of 6-4 overall and 4-3 in the conference.  Despite unfortunate losses to W & L and Macon, the 2012 season was one to remember.  The Tigers recorded 1578 rushing yards, 229 first downs, and 20 sacks last season.  They took the minks into four overtimes and fought hard against Macon.  We will miss our recently graduated alumni such as Evan King and Kenny Fryman on the field, but we in turn wish them all the best of luck wherever their Hampden-Sydney degrees should take them.  This weekend, at 1:00 sharp, Hampden-Sydney hosts Averett on Fulton Field.  We beat them last season and the year before that.  The field is clean and cut, the forecast looks promising and the freshmen really have no idea how great they are going to have it.  When asked to relay his expectations for this upcoming season, Junior and safety for the Tigers, John Moore remarked that he “feels very excited and intrigued about this coming season, and that he looks forward to bringing back an ODAC championship to the Tiger Football Program.”  Moore, along with teammates Chris Shembo and Will Ferrell, will lead the Tigers this year as they kick off yet another season of college football.  While the Tigers face another difficult schedule, their fans aren’t going anywhere.  That same undying support will lead our Tigers through tough match ups this season vs. Christopher Newport University, Bridgewater College, the minks and Macon.  David Thalhiemer, a junior and fraternity brother of Moore, affirms that “things will get rowdy”, on and off the field.  Also be on the lookout for quarterback Nash Nance and other notable hard workers, Andrew Cooney and Will Banning.  In light of Saturday’s match up against Averett, Moore stated that “any Hampden Sydney student whose presence will not be in attendance due to the purchasing of tickets to some wookie musical festival will be shunned throughout this entire campus.”  Tailgating begins when you wake up, the game begins at 1:00, but the celebration will continue until the day is won and done.  As long as touchdowns are being scored, the drinks will continue to be poured. 


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