Pantele: Still on the Hill


As many of you know, the Office of Student Affairs has within it a different face that is familiar to last year’s students: Richard Pantele ’13 is now an Assistant Dean of Students, in charge of activities and organizations. According to Dean Pantele, he noticed the job opening on Hampden-Sydney’s website last year, during his last semester. He said that, as a Government and Foreign Affairs major, he was preparing for the LSAT’s when suddenly, after hearing that the job was no longer available, he received correspondence for an interview. Needless to say, he got the job.


Dean Pantele said that the transition was not difficult. “I’ve had very many family members come here, and I’ve been coming to football games since I was six years old. So, this is kind of just an extension of what I’ve been doing all my life.” About a possible career in college administration, Pantele said that he had never really considered it an option, but it is now considering his love for his new job.

A concern that comes up in these kinds of situations is how the relationships a student has with fellow students translate to relationships between dean and students. Dean Pantele said, “It has been a priority of mine to establish what sort of relationship I can have with my friends who are still here, who were here last year.” He went on to say that it is hard but necessary. Dean Pantele assured me that those friendships he made as a student still thrive today: “I keep up with them because they’re my friends, and I can’t help it. It’s not worth not being friends with someone just because I’m now in a professional position ‘above them.’ That’s just not how I think of this position at all. Nor should I, because it would be very unsuccessful for me to do that.”


Dean Pantele expanded on the nature of his position in Blake A, saying that he presides over Greek life and student organizations, such as clubs. He noted that Dean Mladen Cvijanovic, who is no longer at HSC, and Dean Ramsey both have been the dean over Greek life, but there hasn’t been a specific title for the charge before. His job entails aiding in the facilitation of student activities, including the inspection and maintaining of policies at the circle. 


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