Interview with Andrew Stoddard

I sat down with senior cross country co-captain Andrew Stoddard to discuss the state of the team and his college career overall.

Q: What are your goals for this season individually?

A: I’d like to break 27 minutes for the 8K and get All-ODAC or very close to it.

Q: What about as a team?

A: I think we can get Top 5 in the ODAC and maybe top one or two in an invitational.

Q: What has been your best moment “on the course”?

A: Honestly, it hasn’t been in college, but in high school we made it to the state meet and I was the 4th best runner on the team, and it meant a lot since I used to be the worst on the team and was running 24 minute 5Ks when I started, it really validated all the hard work.

Q: What about off the course?

A: Get to know my teammates and make friends, plus I have been inducted into a few honor societies for journalism and history.

Q: What are your post-grad plans?

A: I am looking to get into journalism or coaching, but if I can’t get a job right away, I’d like to get into grad school for journalism at Syracuse, Missouri, or VCU. As far as running, I plan on taking some time off then staring to train for a half marathon before getting into the full thing.

Q: Who have been some of your favorite teammates?

A: As an underclassman I really liked Andrew Craver and Yonathan [Ararso]. This year Grant [Brown] has been my training partner and he has really been pushing me and motivating me for my senior year.

Q: Funniest moment of your college career?

A: It actually happened on Friday when I lost my shoes, the timing chip messed up my left shoe and I tried running without it for about a half mile but had to take the other one off to balance myself out.

Q: How would you sum up your career so far?

A: Moderately successful as an individual, but as a team a disappointment, we were 7th my freshman year but have gone down in the standings every year.

Q: Any challenges you’ve had to overcome?

A: Luckily no injuries, but when I first started in high school, I was the worst on the team, but it was awesome to be second on the team as a junior and then be a part of the state team my senior year.

Q: How does this year’s freshman class look?

A: Not our biggest in terms of quantity but definitely the best in terms of quality, Grant, LD [Andrew Madison], and Taylor [Matthews] have all shown promise.

Q: What song gets you in the zone before a race?

A: Well there are a lot but I’d have to say that “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf.

Q: Early Super Bowl Favorite

A: Well I like the Lions, but I’m going to go with the Seahawks.


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