Dedication 5—Lil’ Wayne

The self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” has been anything but the past few years and the Dedication 5 mixtape puts the final nail in the coffin of one the former stars of the rap game. With an overplayed rhyme scheme and even more tiresome metaphors, Lil’ Wayne should probably just return to making Mountain Dew commercials and attempting to skateboard/play the guitar/whatever random hobby he’s into nowadays (I heard it was intricate origami). Despite the hype that this would be the much awaited return to the pinnacle of his career, the Dedication and Drought mixtapes, this collection of his random mumblings over popular beats falls well short of its goal. It’s so bad. So, so bad. The only positive of this particularly awful bunch of songs is that it is available as a mixtape, so at least no one is wasting their money on this pile of crap.

0 stars.


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