The Mysteries of Eggleston

Sydney Henriques ’15


Eggleston Hall has been dormant since 2007, butsoon could become a vibrant student center.(credit:
Ever wanted to walk into Graham, sit down and read the paper and have your shoes shined? Or possibly, during that hour break between classes, maybe take a steam somewhere nearby? Well though these may seem outlandish as of now, they could be choices of the future Hampden-Sydney students.

These past two weeks, the Student Senate, as well as a Building Committee, has been meeting with architects. There was also a student-architect meeting held in Crawley Forum the week before spring break, which suffered from a low student attendance. The reason for these meetings is that the college is working on the Facility Master Plan, and this involves creating a student center—a college outlet that has never been created specifically for our campus.

Currently, the main hotspots for our college are: Graham Hall (due to the coffee shop, mailboxes, and bookstore), The Tiger Inn, and the benches in front of Morton. The student center would become a new hotspot on campus, hopefully the biggest. To make this outcome possible, the student body needs to focus their attention on the subject, and get their voices and concerns aired.

During our tours as prospects, as freshman, and even as upperclassmen for some, students have always wondered what the purpose of Eggleston is. It has been that mysterious building that is vacant, never open, blinds closed, and just stands in the way of your walk from The Bortz Library to Bagby. Well now, it has a purpose: it will be the desired spot to create the new Student Center. It is in a prime walking route from class and to dormitories, directly in the middle of campus, making it a great spot for attracting traffic between classes and when the day is done.

This Student Center would be a universally pleasing hang out center for students, offering something of interest to every student. It could possibly be an area for lounging, clubs to have meetings, the Student Senate, the Honor Court, and Blake A. It could have an art gallery, the newest music playing all around, an area to get your dress fitting, a concert area for weekends, a convenience store, to a sauna area. Whatever you may think of, this Student Center could be.

Being the first Student Center ever, it has to be good, because we want it to stay, and of course to be used. The project is estimated to cost close to ten million dollars. The architects have asked us to pass on this word to send in our thoughts. In order to have a properly enjoyable Student Center, all the ideas must be laid out on the table. If a spark strikes and you have an idea you would like to be heard, email the Student Senate, and they will pass on your message. This is our chance to make the mystery of Eggleston the biggest campus attraction.


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