Album Review: Phosphorescent

by Parker Dunaway ’15

Album: Muchacho
Rating: 5/5

Formed in 2003, Phosphorescent has released six studio albums—the last three with Dead Oceans as their label. Their newest album, Muchacho, makes seven and the fourth with Dead Oceans. The band is really characterized for the vocal style they carry: a reverberated tenor that is simply ethereal. This album sounds like a brilliant mix of Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes. The feeling of folk is exuded from almost every song on the album, but the overall indie rock feel is maintained—softly but surely—while the band utilizes instruments like violin, ukulele, and harmonica on top of the standard drums, guitar, bass, etc.
The single off the album is called Song for Zula, and it borrows some lyrics from Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. It’s a song that just feels good: has a steady beat, almost spoken quality behind the words and ghostly synths in the background. Another great track is Ride on/Right on—simple yet overpowering.
This is great music. It’s a shame that it took ten years for this band to get some press.


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