Album Review: The Steeldrivers

By Evan King ’13    


Album:Hammer Down

3/5 Stars

Don’t let the 3 star rating fool you. This album is certainly worth a listen. The Nashville group released their third album on the 5th of February. They pick and they sing to their bluegrass melodies in a way that reminds the listeners of (dare I say it!) a bluegrass Little Big Town. Perhaps that is the one major problem with the album. They seem a little too Nashville. At least they can all say they play an instrument while they harmonize.

But besides the inherent cheesiness of Nashville recording, this album provides the listener with some catchy tunes. “Shallow Grave” tells the tale of the doomed lover while providing some captivating banjo licks and the haunting saw of a fiddle. Head vocalists Gary Nichols and Tammy Rodgers make it a point to prove their prowess of tone on every track. Though the album might be a stretch for the bluegrass purist, Hammer Down has its moments, and, to the right ear, this album could be a favorite.


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