Album Review: Beach Fossils

By Parker Dunnaway ’15


Album: Class the Truth

3/5 Stars

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Beach Fossils just released their second studio album: Clash the Truth. The band generally sounds like a somewhat Lo-Fi Indie group—the effects driven guitar along with distant-sounding voice track kind of help that idea along. But when you listen closely, you notice that the effects in the guitars, overlapping each other, paired with the ethereal voice effects produce an almost controlled harmonious chaos. It isn’t necessarily loud, but it is impressive.

Most of the songs are relatively short—the longest track is the last one, Crashed Out, coming in at three minutes, and twenty-five seconds. There are a couple tracks that stand out. In Vertigo is a great example of one of the more energetic selections. Listeners may have the idea they are listening to a slightly more masculine version of a Best Coast song. Sleep Apnea is another case altogether—the track is slower and very deliberate.

The version that is on sale via iTunes comes with a digital booklet, as so many albums these do. A downside to the getting their album, for some people who are more interested in quantity, may be the fact that the sixteen tracks only rack up thirty-seven minutes of playback.



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