Student Senate Enforcing Campus-Wide Cleanup on Weekends

Greg Robinson ’15

It comes as no surprise that the beauty of Hampden-Sydney is what attracts so many to ‘The Hill.’ “From students, faculty, and guests of the College, each takes notice of the tall orange and red oaks in the fall, the snow crested pines in the winter and the vibrantly blossoming flowers in the spring. It is the beauty of this campus that so many come to love upon entering these gates,” said Dean of Admissions Anita Garland.

However, recently the Senate has found that students are not playing their part in preserving these hallowed grounds. Senate Chairman Fredrick Antoine, states that the senate currently has plans to enforce campus cleanliness rules and expectations on fraternities and clubs. Although this has generated much flack among students, Mr. Antoine states that these rules should come as no surprise to students, as they are already in the Key and have been since their adoption in 2008. Under appendix G: Housing Regulations of the Key, guidelines are listed for students living in residence halls. The regulation states that “If Buildings and Grounds personnel have to clean up excessive trash and debris inside a residence hall, a minimum $50 fee will be assessed to students on the hall…” It also states that “excessive trash outside of the residence halls” could result in a minimum $50 for all students living in that residence hall.

The question that then lies is ‘what is excessive?’ Under appendix M: Implementation of the College Alcohol Policy, we find rules and regulations for clubs and fraternities. The regulation states that any club or organization is required to clean their environs immediately after a function, while a fraternity must have their house clean “no later than 10 a.m. the morning after the function.” Many members of fraternities find this 10 a.m. deadline to be excessive and believe the school administration is acting too harshly. However, it is interesting to note that the cleanliness rules under the Interfraternity Council Statutes, Article V, sound much harsher than that of the student senate. Section two of the article states that a fraternity house will be inspected on a “regular basis” to ensure that each house is “safe, clean, in good repair and reasonably attractive.” Sections three and four state that the parking lot, house, and surrounding environs of a fraternity house must be clean at all times. So while the student senate is receiving much backlash on the enforcement of the Key, it seems as if the Interfraternity Council agrees with the regulations.

Another question arises: why are the rules not enforced? It seems almost automatic that students would want to preserve our beautiful campus. Regardless, the senate does plan to enforce the regulations beginning this semester. Excessive trash around a fraternity or themed house could even result in a recommendation for eviction from the house, says Fredrick Antoine. Since 1775, Hampden-Sydney has long been enriched in the tradition of community, but can we work together to preserve our own?


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