Local Natives- Hummingbird

by Parker Dunaway ’15


5 Stars 

Local Natives attack the mainstream Indie scene for the second time with their new album Hummingbird. For those of you who don’t know, Local Natives came out with their debut album, Gorilla Manor, on Feb. 16, 2010. They made a big splash, getting generally positive reviews from everywhere.

This new album utilizes the experience gained from their first album—matured lyrics and progressions really stand out. They create this meeting ground for Indie rock lovers and big fans of Fleet Foxes.

Their main single from this album is entitled “Breakers,” and you’ve probably heard it in a commercial or on the radio. Other songs that are particularly interesting are “Mt. Washington” for its underlying use of acoustic guitar and simple lyrics; “Columbia” which is just my personal favorite; and “Bowery” because it seems to be one of their more upbeat songs. Is it coincidental that those are the last three tracks on the album?

The album is a cohesive collection of amazing songs. I’m sure its bias on my part, but they’ve really done it this time. The implementation of different instruments as catalysts for rhythm and a strong emphasis on lyrics make for great music. However, if you’re not into this genre, you may have a hard time enjoying it. Regardless, it’s more than easy to tell that serious thought went into what Local Natives put out.

They are selling a deluxe edition on ITunes, which includes three bonus songs and a digital booklet with purchase.


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