Drunken Debauchery at International House

by Andrew Stoddard’14

The night of December 10th started out as a typical late semester night for the residents of International House.  Then, Kiel Powell ’14, one of the residents in the house, was sitting in the main room doing homework when he heard commotion outside and informed Bluefield Lilly ’14, Assistant House Manager, and House Manager Davonte Bradley ’14 of the disturbance.  Lilly and Bradley then went outside to investigate.

“There were guys at the former MSU House next door who were throwing beer bottles at the house and using a sledgehammer and an axe to hit the beer bottles.  We tried to confront them, but they were very drunk and running all over the place.”

Fellow International House resident Matt Buchanan ’13 called 911 to let campus police know about the incident.  An Officer from the Hampden-Sydney Police came by to assess the situation and left shortly after going to talk to them.  The officer in question did not return, even though both Lilly and Buchanan said that he had planned to do so. 

While the beer throwing and axe wielding has stopped, Lilly noted that there has been some backlash from their neighbors since the incident.  “We [the International House residents] use the washers and dryers at the former MSU House to do our laundry, and I’ve noticed some discriminatory messages written on the washers and dryers, particularly aimed towards Asians.  Also, they have sometimes thrown our clothes on the floor or in the yard since the incident.”

When asked how the situation could have been handled better, Lilly and Buchanan both agreed that there should have been better communication between the Dean of Students Affairs Office and the Hampden-Sydney Police.   

Lilly also pointed a finger to the unidentified students who caused the commotion.”Even though they were clearly drunk, as H-SC students, they should have known better than to throw glass bottles at a house,” he said.

This incident at International House occurred about a month after the unfortunate Election Night Incident at the new MSU House formerly occupied by Lambda Chi Alpha.  Yet, this incident, albeit much smaller and less violent, has gone largely unnoticed. Buchanan had an idea as to why that might be.

 “We’re not sure if we were targeted, as was the case with [the Election Night Incident.]  At the least, it was terrible drunken behavior, which is sometimes swept under the rug around here,” Buchanan said. 


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