Athlete Profile: Khobi Williamson


By Ned Belliveau

Q: What are your goals for the rest of the year as a team?

A: To win an ODAC Championship and later the national championship.

Q: How about personally?

A: Whatever I got to do to help the team win, and next year win national player of the year.

Q: Why do you think this year’s team is so good?

A: We have a lot of great senior leadership (Harrison, Pat, Fletch, Randall and Alexi). Plus everyone’s bought into what Coach has been saying for the past few seasons, and everyone’s playing really hard.

Q: I know you have to stay focused on the next game, but how much are you thinking about the game vs. Virginia Wesleyan?

A: That game is going to be intense. I’ve never beaten them in my college career and neither have the seniors, and I really want to win it for them. It’s going to be the biggest game of the year.

Q: Why did you choose to come to Hampden-Sydney?

A: My mom loved it [laughs]. It gave me the opportunity to pursue athletics and academics, and allowed me to be a student-athlete to its fullest form.

Q: Which teammate do you like playing alongside the most?

A: I like playing with everyone, but Keegan, Sasha, and I have a close bond though since we’re in the same class.

Q: What’s it like playing for Coach Vick?

A: I like it. I don’t really know since he’s the only college coach I’ve played for [laughs]. But we’ve been getting better, and I’m really looking forward to playing for him my senior year.

Q: What is your best on-court moment?

A: I don’t know man. My first play my freshman year when I got my alley-oop. I’d never scored on an alley-oop before and for that to be my first college points was pretty special. Either that or SportsCenter. That was crazy! I got a text that said I might be on it, so I went in to watch it in the locker room. After they played number ten, nine, and eight I didn’t think I’d be on there but I stayed to watch the rest of them and when number four came up, and they said “Hampden-Sydney College…” I was going crazy, I started jumping up and down and texted everyone that I knew. Then I watched the next two hours of SportsCenter just to see it again [laughs].

Q: What about off the court?

A: It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m really looking forward to graduating next May.


Q: What are your post-graduate plans?

A: Either want to go to graduate school for engineering or try business school. Maybe play overseas if the opportunity presents itself.

Q: What do you like more: dunking or blocking a shot?

A: I have to go with getting a block. A block says you can’t stop me, and I can stop you. It’s a lot of fun.

Q: What do you think the best aspect of your game is?

A: My athleticism I think. I have good leaping ability.

Q: I asked Harrison this so I have to ask you too: how good of a dancer are you?

A: [laughs] Uh, I’d say I’m up there on the team. Definitely in the top third. HG [Harrison George] was right though: Leon and Alex are definitely the best.


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