Music Review

Music Review
Artist: Capital Cities
Album: Capital Cities EP
Rating: 4/5


This self-titled EP isn’t Capital Cities’ first release, but it is the first to gain them mainstream success. Although the album only has five tracks, the California-based duo delivers. Their genre is generally electro-pop and the songs reflect it. Their first track on the EP is also their single: “Safe and Sound.” Easily, and unsurprisingly, “Safe and Sound” is by far my favorite song. It has a catchy chorus, along with the melody made of fun synths and trumpets (which I assume are also synths, but who cares). The EP concludes with “Love Away,” a song that anyone with the slightest bit of rhythm can tap his or her feet to. So, just like the short album started, it ends with a great piece that gets stuck in your head—in a good way. The band is exploring a genre that is growing quickly in the US: electronic pop, real lyrics accompanied by beats and keys—piano, synths, etc.


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