Joining a Fraternity

Joeseph Lantagne ’16

Fraternities have been on campus for over one hundred years now and have become an integral part of the social life on campus.  During the fall semester Formal Rush began as the Freshman class went to meet the brothers of various houses and to decide which fraternity they would formally ‘Rush’ or earn a bid to join the house.  Becoming a brother at a fraternity has many benefits, including having many job connections outside of college and a sense of brotherhood.
Fraternities hold two official Rush events during the first semester.  Then in the second semester, bids are handed out to the prospective members; however, a student can only accept a bid from one fraternity.  Ryan Simmons, a freshman student rushing Delta Kappa Epsilon, said, “I thoroughly enjoyed rushing DKE, and I am hoping for a fun time becoming a DKE brother.”
The percentage of men who belonged to a fraternity on campus at one point was as high as 60%.  Today though, the percent of men on campus who are brothers is only 30%.  Many fraternity brothers have expressed a hope that one day the membership on campus would once again exceed 60%. Hopefully, achievement of such a goal would reinvigorate the fraternal spirit that many students claim was once so ubiquitous on campus.
Fraternities provide a social outlet on campus, mainly for brothers but some events are still open to the rest of campus.  The fraternities on campus include the social fraternities of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chi Phi, Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Chi, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Alpha, Theta Chi, Sigma Nu, and the colony of Delta Kappa Epsilon.  There is one professional fraternity on campus, Alpha Chi Sigma, for students interested in chemistry. However, Alpha Chi Sigma also has a house on the circle.
It is highly encouraged that men on campus should participate in formal Rush and at least look at all the fraternities on campus. You may be surprised and soon find yourself pledging to a fraternity and becoming part of brotherhood that will last for the rest of your life.


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