Dean White Recuperating, New Assistant at Welness Center

Robbie Keefe ’15

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  This is the quote Shawn White, Assistant Dean of Students for Substance Education, picked to be on her faculty profile.  This is fitting for a woman who has touched the lives of so many students at this school.  She has been the force that many Hampden-Sydney students needed to help change their lives, or to at least get a start.  However, as many students and faculty may know, Shawn was in a car accident a few months back, which left her hospitalized.  She is in the process of recovering, and she seems to be doing better, but does not appear to have any intentions of coming back to work in the near future.  With that being said, most of the workload falls on her coworker Dr. Vincent Rose.
Vincent Rose took over in place of Glen Bowman.  Glen Bowman worked at the Wellness Center for a number of years before retiring last spring.  Since Vincent Rose has been working here, he has been a friendly and comforting face to many students.  Shawn seemed relieved to have another quality counselor to help out with the massive amounts of students she met with on a daily basis.  Vincent Rose helped lighten up her work schedule considerably, but when Shawn left because of her automobile accident, Vincent Rose was forced to absorb all of her student meetings as well.  To help assuage the overflow of students wanting to meet with a counselor, Heather Hammock was brought on to be another full-time counselor.
The hiring of Heather Hammock was not just a fill-in for Shawn White.  Ms. Hammock also was in talks with Hampden-Sydney prior to the accident about coming on as a counselor.  Heather Hammock has an undergraduate degree from Longwood, and a graduate degree from Lynchburg.  She previously interned at Longwood while finishing up her graduate program.  When asked how she felt about switching from an environment like Longwood to one like ours, Ms. Hammock said she likes it because she “gets to know people better here.”  According to Heather, she also likes the small school feel she got while studying at Lynchburg, and also working here.  Heather also wanted to let the students here know that, “I’m here if you all need anything. Stop by or call and make an appointment—doesn’t matter what the issue is.”  Between Heather Hammock and Vincent Rose, the wellness center is sure to be able to meet any and all needs, so never hesitate to get in touch if anyone feels like they need someone to talk to.


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