The Fuqua Technology Commons Gets New Technology

Parker Dunaway ’15

There is a bunch of big new things in the Fuqua Technology Commons! Brian Burns, Media Librarian, Mike Timma, Blackboard Administrator, and Andrew Basinger, Technology Assistant, inform me that we have made some big additions in the commons to make technology use in the library more accessible.


 Mr Burns, Media Librarian, stands next to the new Zeutaxchel Zeta book scanner

First there is the Zeutschel Zeta Book Scanner. This machine is what is referred to as a “face-up book scanner.’ Mr. Burns says that it “is a much faster way of scanning than the face down, flat bed scanners.” The physical aspects of the Zeta include “ a cradle that handles that handles large books without bending then and forcing them wide open, which allows you to hold the book open and scan, and it digitally erases your thumbs.” All three men informed me that when scanning with the Zeta you can do a number of things with the scan: you can save the scan directly to a USB, turn the scan into a PDF, or you can print the scan in the Commons. Mr. Burns says that it is meant for both student and faculty. He also said that faculty have asked them to scan some documents and put them on Blackboard for them, which I’m assured they are happy to do. The Zeta also is able to improve many different aesthetic qualities of scans compared to regular face-down scanners: for instance, it doesn’t have huge black blocks on the outside of pages, and the Zeta corrects the dip created by ‘the gutter,’ or the middle between the two sides of a book.

Although the Zeta was very expensive, Mr. Burns assures me that the money used to pay for the equipment was from a endowment used only for the Fuqua Technology Commons and does not affect the budget. Also in justification, the Zeta has been used to scan more documents in the last month, than all documents scanned in the Fuqua Technology Commons over the last two years.

Another big addition are the three 27-inch Mac’s in the Commons. According to Mr. Burns, the incoming freshman class is 41% Mac users, which is much higher than before. TO compensate the Commons invested in three 27-inch all-in-one Mac’s, while moving the previous three 21-inch Mac’s upstairs. So now, the Library has 6 Mac’s to offer, as opposed to only three, which is more appropriate for the new percentages of Mac users coming into the school.

The staff in the Fuqua Technology Commons encourages students and faculty alike to come down and utilize the new technology.


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