New Club Coming Soon: MIC, The Music Interest Club

Parker Dunaway ’15

Earlier this semester, Spencer Conover ‘10, Assistant Director of The Hampden-Sydney Fund, set up a dinner to host Drew Kennedy ‘02, singer/songwriter and novelist. Those invited to the dinner were a group of Hampden-Sydney students, all of whom had showed interest in the music industry in one fashion or another. Over the course of the dinner, which served as an open discussion of ideas, aspirations and advice from Kennedy, the students realized their common interests in the field: performing, production, administration, etc. Robert Kernodle ’16 took this into consideration when he gained his own aspirations to start a club on campus.

Kernodle is currently in the process of developing a club, with the help of Conover, that would be a central organizing of musically minded people on campus; the group, as it is now, is being called the Music Interest Club, a.k.a. MIC. Kernodle says he is trying to form this club “to cater to students who share an interest in all aspects of music—from performance to production, engineering, and even business—with the goal of making music happen. We want to help students move from inspiration to creation.” Kernodle says his love for music prompted him to form this group. He acknowledged that many ideas, talents, and people come together in order to make what we listen to, and he recognizes that many H-SC students have the desire to come together in the same way, for the same reason.


Drew Kennedy ’02, who talked with potential members of MIC Club

Conover says that he sees the potential of this club in regards to students’ interest and possible production. He went on to say that when he was a student, he was heavily involved in the CAC and enjoyed being a part of concert organization. “I know there are more people out there like me, and if this can be a way to organize them around that common interest, I think you can do some really big things.” He went on to say that he feels that “there is a lot of alumni out there who probably share my view that ‘man, I wish I had more opportunities to be immersed in the music business and music culture.’ This is a great avenue for that.”

James Dargan ’16 and Carson Maki ’15, interested students and prospective members of the club, both agree that they want the group to result in an organization in which students, who all have similar passions, can come together and produce something. Both students recognize the potential and importance of a club of this nature being introduced on this campus.

A very important aspect of the emergence of MIC is that the content the club will be focused on: music. Hampden-Sydney is not known for its Fine Arts program, and whether or not you would call MIC a Fine Arts-oriented group is questionable by some involved; however, the point is that students are coming forward wanting this club to exist. All four, Kernodle, Conover, Dargan, and Maki, all agreed on one thing: Hampden-Sydney has always had artists, musicians, producers, and creative students; however, the school is not known for its Fine Arts community because students have not had ample opportunity to express and produce their art. MIC is searching to give those students an outlet.

MIC is looking for anybody interested in music: those that play, those that record, students who want to help manage and produce, and even students who simply enjoy listening. Contact Robert Kernodle at for more information.


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