Hairy Month of Movember

Sydney Henriques ’15

From its humble beginning in 2003 with thirty members, Movember has grown to become a united force of 854,288 members, raising $299 million dollars for cancer research thus far. The cause for Movember is to raise informational support for prostate cancer and men’s health in general. The movement has formal campaigns in the countries of Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, England, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, and that’s just to name a few. Most special, it has found its home here at Hampden-Sydney College thanks to the strong willed efforts of Senior Thomas Ewing.
Ewing started it his freshman year and has done an excellent job throughout his time here. Ewing started his involvement in Movember during his Senior year of high school when a teacher gave him some information about it. Ewing stated that the participation has been growing each year since its start here, and that the donations have always been big. This year, the campaign was able to raise a whopping $843. Dean Ramsey and Ewing had gotten together before the campaign started to set a goal for this year, and that goal was to raise as much as the past three years accumulated, $1,500. They knew this was a big goal, but the campaign did well at passing the halfway mark. Of the funds that are allocated to programs in the United States, 82.3% goes to programs in support of prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. 67.2% to Movember’s men’s health partners, 37.3% went to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, 29.9% to the LIVESTRONG Foundation, and 15.11% has been given to programs that are run by the Movember Foundation. It’s great that Hampden-Sydney has been able to contribute to this worldwide initiative that is growing stronger each year in support of men’s health awareness.
Movember is especially relevant to our community, as Ewing says, “We are an all-male school, and that’s a perfect environment to promote prostate awareness and men’s health.” After all, who better to reach out to in order to promote the awareness than the target audience? When talking to experienced mustache aficionado, Parker Dunaway ‘15, he expressed to me his positive experiences of Movember. Parker explained how when friends and family see his mustache he has to explain about Movember and its cause—which is exactly what Movember is about: expressing the cause. “The more people that we can get to wear mustaches during Movember, the more support we can gain for prostate cancer awareness”. As Parker phrased it, “it is our ribbon.” He was also very excited about Movember of next year and told me that he intends on participating again.
This has been a four yearlong campaign here at Hampden-Sydney, with this year being the last year that Ewing will lead the campaign. He, as well as many of us here at Hampden-Sydney, hope to see the campaign continue strong, and therefore we will need someone to take over the initiative. So if you are interested in helping spread the awareness for men’s health and prostate cancer, please feel free to contact Thomas Ewing to learn more about the cause, and visit the Movember website for more information.


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