A Message From Brinkley Week Chairman

Tarun Sharma ’15


I’m pleased to announce that during Brinkley Week we reached 39% student giving participation and collected over $7500 in gifts that will go towards the Hampden-Sydney Fund–those are both records for the Student Giving Campaign. This campaign has been a rousing success, and it’s all because of our great volunteers. Our guys were out there knocking on doors and talking about giving to Hampden-Sydney. They called their friends, asked their teammates, fraternity brothers, and even courageously asked folks they didn’t know about giving whatever they could to Hampden-Sydney. I especially want to thank the Brinkley Week Board—Connor Rund ’13, Jack Cantlay ’13, Khobi Williamson ’14, Brandon Long ’14, Peter Dooley ’15, and RM Pfeiff ’16—each of them was indispensable to this campaign.
The Senate as a whole deserves to be commended for their work on this campaign. They paved the way for this campaign to happen by allowing us to incorporate Brinkley Week with the long-standing tradition of Macon Week. However, Fred Antione, Sydney Henriques, and Kelly Puls warrant special recognition. I appreciate their help.
The Senate’s unanimous vote to let the week of the Macon Game be known as Brinkley Week united Student Government around this common goal of bettering Hampden-Sydney. But it wasn’t just the students. From the top down, our administrative staff made this a campus-wide priority. I’ve only been on the Hill for a short time now, but I can’t remember this campus being so united surrounding such a new idea. We appreciate all of the support.
I’d also like to thank the Publications staff–Tommy Shomo, Kevin Tuck, and Kevin Kirsche. They did a fantastic job designing all of our promotional materials–from posters to the shirt design. I appreciate all of the time that they put in to ensure that our campaign looked as good as it sounded.
Finally, I’d like to thank the Students. We are so very thankful for all the support we’ve received over the past couple of months. Our message of consistently giving what you can to the College seemed to resonate with the primary beneficiaries of these gifts–students. We set out to get this message out to our student body, and thanks to all of you who gave or just took the time to listen, it’s clear that we achieved just that.


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