2012’s Top 5 Folk/ Bluegrass Albums


Evan King ’13

  1. Mumford and Sons:  “Babel”

UntitledMumford and Sons sophomore release, “Babel”, was nothing short of a complete success for the band. Songs like “I Will Wait” and the album’s title track still hold on to their respective spots on the Billboard charts, and there is word that the band has already begun writing for a follow-up album. If you haven’t already, purchase this album, and prepare yourself for the genius this band has yet to bring us.

2.Keller Williams and the Travelin’ McCourys: “Pick”

Untitled2“Pick” is an album that has the capability of appealing to a wide range of listeners. The Travelin’ McCourys manage to provide that traditional bluegrass sound while Williams brings his high energy touch that makes bluegrass more inviting to listeners who don’t frequent the genre of bluegrass.
3. The Punch Brothers: “Who’s Feeling Young Now”

Untitled3 The Punch Brother’s third album release is another testament to the band’s supreme skill in the genre of bluegrass. The band’s leader, Chris Thile, just received a grant from the Macarthur Foundation deeming him a “genius” and giving him half a million dollars for a project of his liking. However, Thile isn’t the only masterful musician in this band. Check them all out for yourself!

4. Chris Thile & Michael Daves: “Sleep With One Eye Open”

           Untitled4Thile was a busy man throughout 2012, but his hard work certainly paid off. With the help of masterful flatpicker, Michael Daves, The duo’s album received a Grammy nomination for the year’s best bluegrass album. Though they didn’t win the Grammy, they have certainly established a fan following with this album. Thile and Daves cover a long list of bluegrass classics, and they do it with a style and pizzazz that have come to be synonymous with the names of these musicians.             

5. Old Crow Medicine Show: “Carry Me Back”

             Untitled5Holding down the rear is OCMS’ new album, “Carry Me Back”. Though they changed their sound to a more traditional bluegrass feel, the band still manages to make an album worthy of accolades. Their rowdy jams get listeners on their feet. If you are a fan of OCMS in the slightest, you won’t be disappointed with this album.


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