Senior Campaign Seeks 100% Participation

Sydney Henriques ’15

This year, the Class of 2013 is holding a scholarship campaign in an effort to raise $5,000. With this goal in mind, the benefit of reaching this goal would provide for an exceptionally generous scholarship for two incoming freshman, from the Class of 2013. As we all know, giving back to the college is an essential action we all should do, as it represents the dedication we have for the college as well as support for the values and education that we are given attending such an exclusive liberal arts college. The great part of the Senior Campaign is that not only are the seniors giving back to the school, but they are also opening up an opportunity for two freshmen to come and experience the legend that is Hampden-Sydney College.
Each year, the Senior Scholarship is named in honor of an individual that has made an impact on Hampden-Sydney. As we all know, Tommy Shomo ’69, has been a diligent contributor to our community and college during his time here at Hampden-Sydney College. Thus, the Senior Campaign has decided to dedicate the scholarship in his honor. As I spoke with Connor Rund, the leader of the Senior Campaign, he informed me of a few contributions that Mr. Shomo has given to our college during his time here: “Mr. Shomo has served in numerous positions at Hampden-Sydney for decades and is currently the Director of Marketing and Communications. As the author of To Manner Born, To Manners Bred: A Hip-pocket Guide to Etiquette for the Hampden-Sydney Man, we truly believe that Mr. Shomo is the quintessential Hampden-Sydney gentleman.”
Moreover, Mr. Rund went on to tell me about the leadership that has led this Senior Campaign this year, “We have a top notch Leadership team this year, consisting of Burke Best, Mack Keasler, Nathan Marshall, Brinson White, Aaron Van Allen, Richard Pantele, Alex Cartwright, and Loren Hubbard.” With the diligence of the leadership this year, the Campaign has already reached over half of their $5,000 goal for the year. As Rund said, they have tried to avoid door-to-door solicitation for the most part, and have instead hosted events like Senior Night in the Tiger Inn, where they provided giveaways, raffles, and free food. Another main goal for the campaign is to reach 100% participation from the whole class, with a gift of $20.13—“a symbolic gift that reflects our pride in our class and our alma mater.” The campaign is more than just a scholarship fund, or another reason to donate to the school, but it is a way in which the seniors can unite as a team, for their final bout of their last year here at Hampden-Sydney, and make a path for the future seniors to come. It’s an excellent cycle of our members who are about to leave, paving a beginning entrance for our new freshman. So let’s make that goal of 100% Seniors and let’s help those incoming freshman, and brothers.


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