Hurricane Sandy Avoids Campus

Joe Lantagne ’16

Hurricane Sandy ravaged the east coast last week, flooding New York subways and ravaging New Jersey in addition to many other states along the coast. Called the “Super Storm” or the “Frankenstorm”, the state of Virginia was put on high alert for high winds, heavy rains, and in some areas snow. Schools across the state closed down for the protection of their own students, including schools in Prince Edward County.
But, as many people have repeatedly said, Hampden-Sydney will never formally close down. Our basic policy, “Has the South risen up again?” “No, not yet” “Then classes will resume as planned”. With reports of winds up to 50 mph, possible snow conditions, it was decided that the school should remain open. Fortunately for the students of Hampden-Sydney, Hurricane Sandy stayed further east. The most damage done to the campus was a prevalence of abnormally large puddles and rogue leaves flying right towards some students. These truly dangerous hazards definitely could have impeded students from reaching class. I don’t think Hampden-Sydney will be closing due to weather anytime soon.
Now this storm may have been relatively light here, but elsewhere this was truly a bad storm. The Northeast is still recovering from the storm with millions still without power as of writing this. No power also means that there is no heat as well, and with temperatures dropping this is a serious problem. As of writing this, the death count from the storm has surpassed one hundred people.


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