Parker Dunaway ‘15
Music Review
Artist: Benjamin Gibbard
Album: Former Lives

The lead singer from the bands Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service, Benjamin Gibbard, recently released a solo album entitled Former Lives. The album in its entirety is strongly similar to the work of his band Death Cab For Cutie. The instrumentation and lyrical quality of the songs makes listeners think of an almost expanded singer-songwriter genre—while still maintaining that “indie and alternative” position—the track entitled “Lily,” I feel best exemplifies this. The twelve-track album is cohesive to say the least, with most, if not all, the songs sharing many of the same qualities: slow to moderate, lyric-driven narratives.

If I had to pick not only my favorite track, I’d have to go with “Teardrop Windows.” The song is a great culmination of everything this album strives for in terms of meaning and musical quality. Ben Gibbard certainly shows off that he knows how to write a great album. A “digital booklet” accompanies the digital version from ITunes.


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